How to Turn Off Voice Controls on LG OLED TVs

Many modern smart TVs like LG’s webOS platform come with built-in voice recognition and voice assistants. This allows you to control certain TV functions just by speaking out loud. For example, you can launch apps, search for content, adjust settings, and more completely hands-free. While this can be incredibly convenient, always-listening microphones also raise privacy concerns for some users. 

If you own an LG OLED TV and want to limit or disable the voice functionality, this guide will show you how. We’ll walk through the step-by-step process to turn off both the native LG voice controls as well as third-party voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Why Disable Voice on an LG TV?

Voice recognition provides a quick and easy way to operate your LG TV. Especially if you frequently use features like voice search instead of typing out queries on an on-screen keyboard. However, there are some downsides to consider:

  • Privacy – The microphone on the LG TV is always listening for cue words like “Hi LG.” This allows the TV to pick up any nearby conversations or audio. Users concerned about privacy may want to disable voice functions.
  • Accidental activations – The TV may mishear words and phrases spoken on TV shows or movies as voice commands, triggering actions accidentally. Turning off voice controls prevents this.
  • Distractions – Voice assistants will also provide audible responses in addition to performing requested tasks. The constant voice feedback can distract from or interrupt TV viewing.

If you find voice control causes more annoyance than convenience, disabling it may provide a better overall experience. Here are the step-by-step instructions to turn off voice on your LG OLED TV.

Turn Off LG Voice Recognition

LG OLED TVs have built-in voice recognition powered by the company ThinQ AI. When enabled, you can say phrases like “LG, open YouTube” out loud to launch the YouTube app instead of manually navigating through menus. 

Follow these steps to turn off the LG voice assistant:

  1. From the LG TV home screen, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to All Settings > General > AI Service > Voice Recognition.
  3. Locate the “Use Voice Recognition” option.
  4. Change the toggle from On to Off. 
  5. A prompt will appear asking “Would you like to turn off Voice Recognition?” Select Yes.
  6. Voice recognition will now be disabled on the LG TV. The microphones will no longer listen for wake words or respond to voice commands.

This fully disables the native LG voice assistant functionality on the TV. However, it does not affect any third party voice services which we’ll cover next.

Turn Off Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Many LG TVs also come with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa pre-installed. This allows you to link your Google/Alexa account and take advantage of the full capabilities of those voice assistants directly through the TV.

Both Google Assistant and Alexa will remain active even if you’ve turned off the LG voice recognition. To completely disable voice functionality, you’ll also need to turn off the third party assistants:

  1. From the home screen, go back to Settings and open All Settings > General > AI Service.
  2. Locate the options for “Google Assistant” and/or “Amazon Alexa” and toggle them to Off.
  3. Follow any additional on-screen prompts to confirm disabling the selected voice assistant(s).
  4. Both Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls will now be fully disabled.

Be sure to turn off both the LG voice recognition and any additional assistants you have connected to completely eliminate voice functionality.

Additional Voice Settings to Consider

In addition to directly controlling voice features, LG provides other voice-related settings you may want to examine:

  • Voice Data Collection – Determines if voice commands are sent to LG to improve accuracy. Disable for privacy.
  • Personalized Ad Service – Uses voice data to provide personalized ads. Also raises privacy concerns.
  • TV Power Sound – Plays a sound when powering on the TV via voice command.
  • Read TV Status – Allows the assistants to confirm current TV status like volume level or input. 

Take time to review these additional voice settings and customize based on your preferences. Disabling certain options like voice data collection can further improve privacy.

Pros and Cons of Disabling Voice Control

Turning off voice control on your LG OLED TV has both advantages and disadvantages to weigh:


  • Improved privacy by disabling always-listening mics
  • Eliminates accidental voice triggers or disruptions  
  • Forces you to use the traditional TV interface which some find easier


  • Loss of hands-free voice convenience to change settings or search
  • Switching apps/inputs requires more button presses on remote
  • No voice dictation for text input like passwords or searches
  • Lose access to smart assistant information like weather or news

For most users, the privacy benefits likely outweigh the minor loss of convenience. But you may need to re-enable voice controls if you find yourself missing those capabilities after a period of time.


LG’s webOS smart TV platform provides helpful voice recognition and integration with popular assistants. However, keeping microphones always active can unsettle users concerned about privacy. Thankfully, it is possible to fully disable voice functionality at the system level.

Remember that you will need to turn off both the native LG voice controls as well as any additional Google Assistant/Alexa services. Once disabled, your LG TV will no longer respond to accidental or intentional voice commands. Just use your remote to navigate menus and select options instead.

Consider your personal preferences regarding convenience vs. privacy to decide if disabling voice controls is the right choice for your viewing experience. As voice technology continues improving over time, you can always revisit these voice settings and enable certain features that make sense for your needs.

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