How To Reset LG OLED TV: A Quick And Easy Tutorial

If you see that your LG OLED TV is working slowly or sometimes getting unresponsive, it will start to hang due to full memory. You have to erase your data or change the whole device. 

Also, you may want nobody to get access to your stored data and password. In that case, you can do a factory reset setting on your TV so your LG OLED TV returns to its first stage. For that, we are here with this article to inform you of all the necessary steps you can do yourself without hiring any professional.

1- First step:

For the first step, you need to go to the setting list on your LG OLED TV by pressing the setting button on your remote control. If you can’t find the setting button, notice the cogwheel sign on the remote device. But if your remote control doesn’t hold that sign or the option, you will have the “home” button, usually located on the upper right portion of the remote control. The button is visible with a home sign.

 Sometimes, some remote devices do not have either of these two options; in that case, there will surely be a “setting” button.

2- Second step:

According to the design of the Web OS system, you will see an icon bar on the right or left side of the TV screen. It will help you to navigate the OLED TV menu bar with the help of directional arrows of your remote device. 

Your TV will show either of these two setting modes, “Advanced Options” or “All the configuration, “indicated by three dots. If the dotted option is not visible, you must click the “gear” icon, which redirects you to the setting option.

3- Third step:

You can enter the “general” section with your remote in the third step. Also, you can operate this option by cursor and take control of the operation.

4- Four steps:

After the third step, one message will appear on the screen, i.e., “Restore to the initial configuration.” You have to click on the link to get a confirmation message on the display of the LG OLED TV requesting a password. Here, you must put your password with all other necessary information regarding the TV, settings, the account linked with the company, and the downloaded information. 

After giving all information, click the “confirm” button. If you click the link, all information will reset; otherwise, it will remain secured in the LG account if you click the “cancel” button.

Restore LG OLED Without The Remote Control

  1. If your LF OLED TV is showing unresponsive or in the booting zone, you can easily reset the data of your TV by using physical buttons on either side, back, or bottom. 

           First of all, you have to address the power button, as well as the sound up-down button on  your Tv.

2. After locating the button, you need to press and hold the button until your TV screen gets turned off and the logo becomes visible. Release the press.

3. Now, LG OLED TV will restart all functions, and within a few minutes, it will get into the factory reset setting mode. 

4. After The LG OLED TV restart, restoring to factory settings will take a few seconds or seconds. Once the restoration is done, you must configure it by selecting language, installing programs, internet connection, tuning channels, and setting Bluetooth devices.


The more TV gets smarter, the more operation gets complicated. Those not used to handling so many options sometimes hire an assistant from the company. Otherwise, it will be a mess. We have piled up all the information so you can independently do all the necessary functions.

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