How To Move An Oled Tv: Everything You Need To Know About Moving An OLED TV

The TV is the item that comes last while packing items for moving from one place to another. It helps you not to be stressed and relax from the pressure of the exhausting task of packing. 

Eventually, packing the TV box becomes the speedier task at the end of the packing. This time there is a huge chance of physical damage caused by some mistakes. So, if you want to avoid this circumstance, you should take care of the OLED TV gently with proper packing tips.    

Transporting and Storing

If you are arranging your truck to move your TV, place the TV in between sturdy, flat, and tenacious items, like mattresses, dressing tables, bookshelves, or sofas. You should avoid any pulling items. 

If something is moving from one place to another, it is obvious that you will not want any damage to your TV box, not even a small pierce. So, to avoid any dent while shifting, it would be better not to place the TV on top of the other items to avoid a sudden fall. Also, it would help if you did not place anything heavy on the TV box. If you have professional packers, you should inform them about your OLED TV box so they can take care of it gently and properly.

If you have provision for storing your TV for some time before transporting it, you ensure that the place is climate-controlled to prevent dust accumulation. Humidity is the biggest factor that accumulates moisture on the display surface, which causes dirt, scratch, and spots. Even extreme cold weather can crack the screen of your OLED TV.

Unboxing and Fixing Up Your TV

When you arrive at your new place, unpacking and fixing everything is the most hectic work. At that time, a little mishandling can lead to permanent damage to any fragile items. OLED TV is very fragile, so before turning on the switch, let your TV get accustomed to the room temperature. Meanwhile, you can assort cables, other fixing elements, etc.

As you are in a new home that is more spacious than the previous one, you might decorate your room with other new furniture. So you should be very précised about the location where you will set your TV.

· Minimum viewing distance: 

You should know the exact size of your TV because you need to multiply the size by 1.5. So, if your TV size is 60”, you must fix the device at least 90” away from the corner or other furniture. Additionally, you have to set your OLED TV with a closer look, do not worry! You will still get the same clear picture. 

· Maximum viewing distance: 

you need to double the value of the minimum viewing distance. Suppose your TV size is 60”; you must maintain a 15’ distance from the other furniture. 


Once you settle down and live in your new home, you will discover some desired changes you should make. If you have a large entertainment room, it will demand a large-screen TV on the wall. Also, your new storage system already has a beautiful space for your TV. 

To serve a better watching angle for everybody in the room, you can maintain your sleek TV by mounting it on the wall. 

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