How To Clean OLED TVs: The Easiest Way to Refresh Your Viewing Experience

Cleaning the screen surface of your OLED TV is the most important part of caring for the television. Also, the OLED-cleaning process is very user-friendly and hassle-free. You can do this job with the help of some household items.  

Some essential steps will help you to know the full process and also make you remember to avoid some kinds of things which can permanently damage the OLED screen.

Please follow the below-described steps accordingly:

Step-by-step guide: How To Clean A QD-OLED screen

Based on the research by experts, we have put the necessary steps you must follow to clean your OLED TV.

1. Unplug The Device

The electric supply outlet should be disconnected to reduce the electrostatic charge.

2. Wipe Away All The Dust

First, you have to clean up the dirt with a dry cloth, which should be soft to avoid scratches. It will remove all loose dirt from the surface of your TV. Also, you have to make sure you are moving in one direction. 

So we recommend microfiber cloth to sweep away dust and reduce the chances of marks.

3. Use 70% Ethanol To Properly Clean The TV screen

The best way to remove fingerprints and oil stains is to use ethanol, which removes 70% of the dust. 

So, to remove this stubborn dirt, you need to spray ethanol, which is available in any pharmacy. 70% ethanol spray on a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean the surface area deep.

You must follow the same direction while cleaning, and the moves should be gentle. Besides this, you should not use any harsh cloth or rubbing chemicals, which can damage the screen surface of your OLED TV. 

Also, cleaning should be smooth and slow. If you rush to sweep away all the dust, it can spoil the entire cleaning process. Even paper towels must be avoided to save the screen from tints.

4. Let the screen dry

You have to keep patience until the surface gets fully dried. After that, only you can do other operations. Ethanol helps the surface to become dry quickly.

Also, just after the cleaning with ethanol, it would be good if you did not touch the screen. It reduces the chances of smudges and fingerprints.

5. Finish with a wipe

You don’t have to do this final step, but it’s worth the extra effort if you have suitable clothes to hand.

After completing the 4th step, you should arrange a dry microfiber cloth used to clean glasses. Here you have to be gentler to remove the last residue from the surface, if there is any. This way of wiping assures your TV screen is out of any spots or scratches. 

6. Enjoy your newly cleaned screen

Now, your OLED TV screen is out of all dust, dirt, and marks. You can enjoy the spot-free watching experience. But, it will only last for a short time. So, please clean your TV weekly basis. This weekly course will protect the TV screen from fast accumulations of smuts. 

Proper cleaning and weekly maintenance can increase the longevity of your OLED TV screen. Also, it is crucial to take care of the quality of the screen. Our article will help you a lot in cleaning your TV surface. Even you can take suggestions from the manufacturer at the time of buying. You need to follow our guidelines and do your cleaning job.

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