How To Connect Nintendo Switch OLED To Tv

Nintendo’s most recent console generation is unique in its ability to be undocked and used as a mobile gaming device. But when you want that big-screen gaming experience, it’s important to make sure your Switch and its dock are connected to your TV correctly.

1. Open the rear door on the Switch dock.

Your Nintendo Switch connects to your TV through its included dock’s HDMI Out port. This is true for the original Switch and the more recent OLED model. 

For both the original and OLED docks, you need to pop open a rear door to access this port. Simply place your finger beneath the door and pull until it pops open. Once inside, you’ll see the I/O ports shown in the image above or a nearly identical set of ports for the OLED version. 

2. Connect your HDMI cable to the Switch’s HDMI Out port

Both Nintendo Switch models output at 1080p resolution, so that any decent HDMI cable will be fine for use with them. That said, the original and OLED Switch both include good quality cables, so I’d recommend using them unless you have a specific need for a longer cable or angled connector.

Whichever cable you use, the process is the same. Simply plug one end into the HDMI Out port on the back side of your Switch’s dock. Once this is done and all your other required cables (power and USB or LAN) are connected, you can close up the Switch’s back panel with your cables routed out of the provided opening. 

3. Connect your HDMI cable to your TV.

This process’s final step is interfacing the other end of the HDMI cable to your TV. To do the job you have to search the I/O board for your TV. It is usually present on the side or back of the HDMI unit. You need to look for more than one HDMI ports with label of HDMI IN or only HDMI with numbers according to the input pattern of your TV.

Take a empty pannel and tuck the other end of the HDMI cable, which is attched to the Nintendo switch to the TV. Lastly, you can switch on your TV and set the acurate input from the menu for the pannel you selected. 

How do people connect the Nintendo Switch OLED to their TV without a wire connection?

Unfortunately, there is no point in connecting Nintendo Switch OLED to your TV with any wire connection. Using wireless HDMI adaptor, you actually ruining the idea of “wireless connection.”  Because, you have to use a wired transmitter to the switch.

The Switch also doesn’t support built-in casting technologies like Google Cast or Apple’s AirPlay. However, you can take the help of any wireless controllers that are compatible with the system of your TV, while Nintendo switch is wharfed to the TV.


Part of the massive appeal of Nintendo’s hit Switch console is that it’s both a handheld portable and a console you can play on your TV.

If you need some help getting it hooked up to your television, though, we’ve got the answers. Here’s how to connect things up.

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